Types Of Antique Wood Flooring

  • Pine
  • Stain Grade Pine
  • Hemlock
  • Stain Grade Hemlock
  • Distressed Heritage Grade
  • Rustic Heritage Grade
  • Tobacco Kiln
  • Chestnut
  • Heart Pine
  • Elm
  • Ash
  • Maple
  • Beech
  • Oak

Historic Woods

When the forests were first cleared by the settlers they were full of old growth trees such as pine, hemlock, Elm, Ash, Maple, Beech, Oak, Heart Pine and Chestnut. These species make up the core of the types of antique wood flooring that we offer.

Among the first works that the settlers did was to clear the land and construct shelters for themselves and their livestock. As the years passed these older structures no longer fit into our modern lifestyles and farming methods. Sadly, the result of this is that these historic buildings are no longer in use and they are decaying. We take these buildings that are claimed by time and recycle them by reusing the salvaged old woods to make naturally aged wood flooring for your home. 

  • Softwoods


Pine has traditionally been one of the most used woods due to its value. stability and look. The grain is open but fine and gentle. Antique pine has a richness that adds to the  beauty and warmth of any cottage or home. Pine will have more knots and knot holes than the hardwoods do. Our pine plank flooring is typically made from old barn wood siding, as a result it has a deep natural patina.

Stain Grade Antique Pine

This flooring is made out of antique pine beams and old barn wood planks. As a result the patina is not quite as rich as the flooring made from exterior barn boards is. However, the surface is cleaner with less nail and knot holes. This pine flooring also has a more uniform colour making this the ideal candidate for stain.


Hemlock is a good choice for anyone who appreciates the value of pine but wants something unique. The grain is medium to open and is more pronounced than the grain of pine is. This creates a look that only Hemlock can offer. Like the pine, our antique hemlock wide plank floor boards are made out of old wood siding, giving it a deeply coloured patina.

Stain Grade Antique Hemlock

This type of antique flooring is similar to stain grade pine in quality and is sawn from antique hemlock timbers. These antique boards have less nail and knot holes than the hemlock flooring that comes from the barn siding boards.

  • Heritage Grades

Heritage grades are primarily made from the exterior old wood siding of antique structures and are a mix of softwood species. Flooring made from these boards have a deep and rich patina but are also rustic. There will be some minor height differences between the boards.

Distressed Heritage

This flooring is made from the exterior side of old barn boards. It is lightly planed when its made then lightly sanded after its installed. Treating the boards this way reveals a deep brown patina and character that can't be found in new wood.

Rustic Heritage

This type of plank flooring made from the backs of the exterior barnwood siding or from the surface of an interior board such as a grainery board. It comes unplanned on its top surface and is lightly sanded in place after its installed. This reveals a depth of patina that is deep brown and has a rough sawn look.

Tobacco Kiln

In some areas of Upper Canada the climate allowed the growth of tobacco. In these areas are found the kilns that farmers used to dry their product. They built the kilns out of mixed species using a lot of softwood planks. In these structures is found a truly unusual and aesthetic flooring. Our tobacco kiln flooring comes as a mixed softwood species with a deep medium brown patina.

 Heart Pine

This is a unique wood that can only be found in large quantities from antique sources. Heart pine planks are surprisingly hard. It is a soft wood but has a higher density than white or red pine. It has a pronounced grain similar to douglass fir. We import most of our heart pine from the U.S.A. As a result we consider this a special order flooring item. Please see the terms that apply to special order flooring items.

  • Hardwoods


In this very decorative wood is found a grain that is medium to open and more distinctive than than oak or ash, though it isn't as hard. Most large orders of chestnut need to be imported from the U.S. As a result we consider this a special order flooring item. Please see the terms that apply to special order flooring items.


Elm is for the person who wants a unique but durable floor. It is a hardwood with a medium to open grain and a truly unique character that's more pronounced than woods that are traditionally used for flooring. It has a gently flowing grain pattern and is a durable wood that can be used in high traffic areas.


Ash offers similar strengths to what oak offers but at a better value. It has a rich medium to open grain and a naturally aged look. Ash is a durable long lasting antique hardwood floor.


Maple wood has been one of the woods of choice for builders , furniture makers and cabinetry. Due to its hardiness and gentle open grain maple fits easily into any decor. Its an excellent choice for a reclaimed floor. This is a very durable and hard wood with soft colour tones.


Beech is similar in grain colour and hardness to maple with the exception of long flecks in the grain and a deeper reddish hue.


Oak is a popular wood that is world renowned for its strength and distinctive grain. Both our red and white oaks have a mature colour found only with aged woods. Our oak is sold mixed species.

Quality Standards And Terms

To ensure that you get a high quality finished antique wide plank floor, here is what we do for you and need from you:

All flooring is heat treated to kill pests in accord with forestry Canada's standards.

The boards are then slowly kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content before milling to ensure minimal waste and accurate milling.

All flooring arrives at the job site planed to 3/4 of an inch, stress relieved on the bottom, tongue and grooved on both sides. These are default standards and your antique plank lumber will be delivered this way unless otherwise specified on the contract or in writing prior to production. 

All our wide plank floors come random width and length from 3 inches wide to 11 inches wide and random length from 18 inches long to over 12 feet long.

The job site must be sealed with all windows and doors in place before the plank flooring arrives. The furnace or HVAC unit must be operational to stabilize the moisture levels in the house prior to receiving the antique plank flooring. The wood should then be allowed to acclimatize for approximately 48 hours in the room that its going to be installed in to help the moisture content of the wood to equalize to your home.

All antique plank flooring species may have knots, knot holes, nail holes, hairline cracks, figuring, bug scars, spalting, and some discolouration due to the natural aging process that causes the patinas in the barn woods and the rustic nature of the wood. Many of these defects are filled at the time of installation or are hidden by your antique wood installer under cabinets or in closets, etc. It is your installers responsibility to make sure that these naturally occurring marks are placed in your room in a tasteful manner. 

If you haven't chosen us to do your wide plank floor installation we recommend that you purchase an extra 10% of flooring material for off cuts and waste created during the installation. The installer has the final say on what boards are placed in what areas, make sure he or she knows what you are trying to accomplish, ex: boards that you don't like the look of should go in closets or under cabinets, etc.

Special Order Flooring

Due to the fact that there are limited supplies of these species of antique lumber in Canada we may need to purchase these antique materials in the U.S. so that we can fill your production order in a timely fashion. If this is the case then we need 100% of the purchase price of the flooring before we can start your flooring order. The materials are non-returnable and non-refundable as we will not be able to return the materials to our supplier.

In the event that one of our Canadian suppliers has accumulated sufficient stock of heart pine or chestnut so that we can fill your order without buying American supplies, then only a standard deposit and payment schedule applies to your order.

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