Antique Floor Installations

In our efforts to improve customer satisfaction we have found that offering antique floor installations greatly improves the care that we can give our customers.

Installations are available and start from $6.25 per square foot. For this price we will glue, staple and nail the boards to the sub-floor. We will then sand and finish the floor with 3 coats of varnish or 1 coat stain and 2 coats varnish. More coats of varnish may be needed depending on the brand you choose and what you are trying to accomplish. 

Commercial quality finishes are available for an additional charge.

In some installations the nail and knot holes are filled, in others they are not, this depends on the species you have chosen and the look your trying to accomplish.

This price is for the installation sand and finish of your flooring only. It does not include the installation of nosings, thresholds, room dividers, etc. The price quoted here is only meant as a guide line to help you roughly price your job. The actual final price will be given in a detailed quote after we have viewed your project.

Please take a look at our installation gallery.

In addition to receiving a premium installation, for most jobs that we install you will not have to buy an additional 10% of wide plank antique floor boards for the installer to use as waste and off cuts. Your project will need to be viewed to find out if you are eligible for this discount. 

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