Custom Milling

In some circumstances our customers have supplied the old lumber that they wish to use as flooring. Usually this happens during a renovation or restoration of an older structure where good quality materials can be salvaged.

Instead of throwing these aged building materials out, have us turn them into high quality wide plank flooring for you to use in your home. You'll save money, the environment and have a floor that you can be proud of.

The cost of the milling fee is determined by what you want done with the lumber and the quality of the salvaged material provided.

We can not and do not guarantee the moisture content of newer materials as they often require different drying methods than what we can do.

Your lumber will be heat treated and dried to the best of our abilities but in some circumstances, if the lumber is too new, it may shrink after installation.

Expect anywhere between 15-25% of your rough lumber to be lost in the milling process.   

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